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Throughout my career as an Investment Advisor, I have had the opportunity to thoroughly assess the multitude of different choices and pathways investors are faced with when deciding how to protect and grow their investible wealth. I can safely say that I have truly seen it all.

My experiences have led me to realize that investors today must have a disciplined process if they expect to achieve their investment goals on time. Regardless of your investment objectives, (i.e., conservative, balanced, growth, or aggressive growth) by adhering to a strict investment discipline, you stand a greater chance of achieving your investment goals on time.

Veritas Omnia Vincit: Truth Conquers All

“In 1999, a group of forensic accountants and seasoned investment professionals came to the conclusion that companies were utilizing questionable accounting practices to overstate their performance. Their solution was to initiate a service dedicated to providing investors with high quality, independent research rooted in thorough analysis of a company’s accounting policies. This group founded Veritas in September of 2000. Today, Veritas is Canada’s largest supplier of independent research for many of North America’s largest financial institutions and national regulators.” – Veritas Investment Research

Just as important as process, so is the quality of the investments in your portfolio. I believe that Veritas Investment Research is the highest quality independent research provider in Canada today. Veritas is committed to ensuring that their recommended investment portfolio is comprised of their very best ideas at all times.

While Veritas is my primary research provider, I also utilize National Bank Financial, Credit Suisse (US Equity Research) and Counsel Corporation, Investment Planning Counsel’s in-house portfolio management service. Counsel Portfolio Management Services provides a disciplined sub-advisory portfolio service designed to ensure that your investments will be accurately correlated to your unique investment mandate at all times.

Please act now! Contact me or call me directly to arrange an appointment. I will be happy to assess your current investment strategy and show you how my proven process will add value and stability to your investment portfolio.

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